Almost Two Decades and $32M Ago in Columbus, Ohio…

by | March 12, 2015 | #tbt


When I was growing up, my family lived on a street named “Wentwood” in Dallas, Texas. Then early in my career, I had the privilege of starting a company with my brother and we appropriately named it Wentwood Real Estate. About 18 years ago, Wentwood purchased 1511 units for $32M in Columbus, Ohio. One year later, we sold our interest in these properties to form our own new property management company called Wentwood Properties.

I so appreciate every stage and season of my professional career. I know the Holy Spirit is constantly equipping you and me for the works he has prepared in advance for us to do–whether Wentwood Property Management, Mars Hill Church, Wall Street, or the elementary school down the street! Wherever he has us, he has a purpose for it.

I want to encourage any man and woman in the business world: God does not call all of us to be in full-time ministry. He ordains that some are gifted in ways that help our world and the people living in it to function better and experience his common grace. We need more Christians “buying and selling in the marketplace,” and doing so to the glory of God and for the godly stewardship of his creation.

I hope you enjoy this quick story of Wentwood and I pray God gets all glory!