Civil RICO: Grieved and Saddened

I am deeply grieved and saddened along with my friends and former members of Mars Hill at the closing of our church. It was a ministry that grew me into a more godly man, husband, and father, and a church where I baptized a daughter. There are many questions former members still have. I understand their hurt and pain.

Since early 2014, I began a process of reaching out to people I hurt and who felt hurt related to my time at Mars Hill. I have met with my many fellow brothers and sisters. I believe all of these meetings have been healing and God glorifying. The process has been difficult, emotional, but well worth it. These discussions will forever remain private.

Nearly a year ago, I wrote a series of blog posts to help me heal as well as to bring clarity to others for their healing. I wrote about my involvement in Result Source and my involvement in Global. The history and culture of Mars Hill is one of both a lack of trust and transparency. Lack of transparency breeds distrust and distrust causes less transparency. It is a perpetual cycle that can exist within any organization or relationship.

As time has passed, I have watched the pursuit of legal actions by my brothers and sisters towards the Church and former leaders. I empathize with them and hurt with them. After recently being named in a legal proceeding, but having yet to be served, I have reached out to the plaintiffs directly. They were probably unaware I was willing to meet with them directly. I hope to meet with them, empathize with their hurt, pray with them, apologize to them, and clear up anything I can.

I have been contacted by many news organizations to make a comment on the lawsuit. In the past two weeks, I have prayed. I have reached out to the plaintiffs directly to communicate my willingness to meet. And I continue to hope that Christ will walk us through this difficult but necessary process in a spirit of reconciliation.

Let me be very clear, I do not look at anyone involved with Mars Hill as my enemy, but brothers and sisters with whom I share a history of joyous God glorifying moments and also episodes of deep pain. Before I arrived at Mars Hill, many former members had been hurt and were in the healing process. On several occasions in my early executive elder meetings, I recommended meeting with those former members who were hurt during 2007. After being involved as a leader at Mars Hill, I will continue to take my own advice: to meet with people I have hurt by my actions.

I continue to pray that we will all grow from our experience at Mars Hill to be more like Jesus and less like this world.

— Sutton Turner