2 Points to Clarify: Interview with Warren Throckmorton and Dave Bruskas

by | August 5, 2020 | Mars Hill

Since my interview with Warren Throckmorton and Dave Bruskas (Part 1, Part 2), several former elders and staff members of Mars Hill Church have reached out to me in order to clarify my understanding of an event and a financial transaction. I wish to share these details publicly while making it clear I was not an eyewitness to the event nor was I privy to documentation verifying the transaction. However, I do believe that these corrections are necessary for the sake of transparency.

BulletProof Vest

I stated in the interview that I personally attended Mark preaching 99.9% of the time between mid-2011 through August 2014. At no time did I ever see Mark wear a bulletproof vest. However, I have spoken with a former staff member who was with Mark when he purchased a bulletproof vest in 2008. This same staff member observed Mark wearing the vest once while preaching that same year.


I stated in the interview that when I resigned from Mars Hill Church in September 2014, there was very little money left to fund operations through the end of the year. Based on the cash position at that time, there simply were not enough available funds to provide a large payout. However, I have come to learn from previous Mars Hill staff members that Mark received twelve months’ worth of severance following the sale of real estate in Ballard less than the purchase price of the server managing his content in 2015.