Pateros Fire Recovery Update

by | July 28, 2015 | Mars Hill Global

A year ago, Eastern Washington suffered devastating loss at the flames of wildfires. It was heart-breaking to hear about our brothers and sisters across our state who were experiencing such tragedy. I had the opportunity to see it first-hand while I was visiting Eastern Washington last summer and the aftermath was mind-blowing.

So, we acted and invited you to pray and give also.

And you gave generously and prayed boldly.

Here me clearly—you gave a lot.

Thank you so much! I thought it would be appropriate to bring you an update from Pastors Josh McPherson and Adam James to see what your generosity accomplished and how you helped thousands of hurting people. Be encouraged!

Grace City Church in Wenatchee, Washington received $140,723 in donations. They have spent $114,725 in the following ways:

  • Distribution Center: $11,893 (Remodel and improvements for long-term distribution center)
  • Executive Director Salary: $15,000 (partial salary for Long-Term Recovery Operations Director)
  • Gas Cards: $6,000 (For survivors to run generators during power outages)
  • Gift Baskets: $1,632 (For survivors)
  • Gift Cards: $15,055 (For survivors clothing, household goods, and groceries)
  • Home Rebuilds: $60,241 (2 small rebuilds and one $50,000 gift towards purchase of home)
  • Supplies & Fuel: $4,587 (For sifting, cleanup, etc. over 3-month period)
  • Backpacks: $317 (Back-to-school backpacks for kids in Pateros)

Remaining balance: $25,998

Which the team there donated the remaining balance to a matching fund for long-term recovery efforts and/or other rebuilding options. This match fund allowed about $52,000 to be set aside for long-term recovery!  In total over half of a million dollars was given to support the long-term recovery efforts.

It’s also important to note all the hard work that your generosity allowed GCC to facilitate in practically helping and serving the hurting people around them. They organized and provided the following:

  • 24 clearing teams
  • 8 move teams
  • 3 woodcutting teams
  • 9 fence-building teams
  • 9 construction teams
  • over 250 different people from GCC volunteered their time
  • almost 400 volunteer “slots” filled
  • thousands of man hours worked

Thank you again for your generosity and your prayers. Scripture says, “Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God” (Hebrews 13:16). Thank you for doing good and for sharing what you have.

Please continue to pray for Pastor Josh, Pastor Adam, and the entire church family at Grace City in Wenatchee. Pray that they would each love and lead their community well through difficult circumstances. Pray also that Jesus would continue to intervene in this region where new fires have broken out this year.

To God be all the glory!

–Sutton Turner