Stories From Around The Globe

by | October 26, 2013 | Mars Hill Global, Timeline


We love our Global Family who tune in from around the world to hear sermons and music and read articles on our site. Recently, some people shared with us via Facebook how Jesus has used Mars Hill Church to impact their life. We were so encouraged and wanted to share a few of their stories here.


“My husband and I love listening to the sermons and music you guys put out. Mars Hill has been a source of food for us spiritually, and we’ve grown in our relationships with the Lord as well as with each other. It’s so awesome to have access to all the resources you share. Thanks for all you do to give those of us very far away access to the truth taught at Mars Hill.”


“We’re using your Doctrine series as our homeschool devotional for our 15 year old. He loves your messages and his dad and I love the grounding and depth.”


“I started podcasting Pastor Mark years ago and was blown away by Bible teaching with authority, cultural insight, and power. I realized I had been brought up on a lot of cotton candy preaching that ‘tasted’ good for a few minutes but didn’t have any lasting strength. Through the ministry of Mars Hill Church, I’ve grown to know Jesus, love Jesus, and follow Jesus!”


“I hit a dry spell in my Christian faith in the mid to late 2000s. Unsure of my calling (and sometimes my salvation), I began to treat church attendance and ministry like a job I hated. Then, I rediscovered how potent God’s Word really is after stumbling upon some YouTube sermons from Pastor Mark. Since then, my faith has been revived and I have taken my calling as a pastor more seriously than ever! I am grateful to Pastor Mark and Mars Hill Church for unabashedly preaching the word and providing so many free or affordable resources for small churches like the one where my family and I currently serve.”


“I’m 21 and live in a small town with my parents. I’m trying to figure out what God has in store and let’s just say without you guys putting your stuff on the web, I don’t know where I would be. My whole perspective on marriage, church, life, and everything has drastically changed because of what God has revealed to me through Mars Hill. Being a college student and having a bunch of crap thrown at me that’s not of Christ is hard and without you guys my life would be a lot different in a bad way.”


“I am the associate minister at a small church and I need a little extra teaching to keep myself sharp and gain more material for my youth group and church members. I love Pastor Mark’s passion and the conviction I receive from each podcast. Mars Hill is a blessing across the globe. Thanks.”


“I started listening to Mars Hill sermons to learn English. I ended up getting to truly know Jesus, who I am in Christ, learning to be a man of God, and responding to the calling God has put in my heart to tell people about Jesus. Now I’m getting prepared to marry my girlfriend and we have a dream to plant churches. Also I’ve had the opportunity to see people saved and have their faith strengthened by Jesus through what I’ve been learning with Pastor Mark’s sermons. Mars Hill is part of lives being changed here in Brazil. I thank God for having Pastor Mark to train me as a man of God and your generosity that changed my life and many of my friends down here.”


“We live in rural Australia and struggle with a lack of vibrant churches. The church we previously attended played 17th century hymns, preached to the converted, and was more of a retirement home for old church attendees than a place of growth and transformation. We survived this difficult period by listening to your podcasts, modeling our house church Bible studies on your resources, and listening to Citizens. If the local churches closed down many Christians here would survive, but if Mars Hill closed, we’d be in real trouble. Thank you for the blessing of your teaching and music!”

Thank you all for sharing your stories! We love hearing how Jesus changes lives. If you want to share your story with us or read more stories, head over to our stories page here. 

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