Stories From Around The Globe, 11/9/13

by | November 9, 2013 | Mars Hill Global, Timeline


Below are a handful of really encouraging stories we’ve recently received from our Global Family all over the world.


For Kevin, God is using Who Do You Think You Are? to restore his wife and family. His wife has had three affairs since 2005, but has repented and started to grow in her relationship with Jesus. Kevin says he never led his family the way Jesus called him. He says, “[the book] has pierced my soul and God is reaching inside and breaking my heart. Thank you for this. I am challenging the fathers in our church to step up and follow God’s calling to be leaders. Thank you for the truth and following God’s call on your life! My family is reaping the benefits.”


Cheryl stays at home with her five kids during the day. She first heard of Mars Hill Church when her church went through the Real Marriage Sermon Series. She recently emailed us to say, “[the series was] phenomenal and life changing. Now as I work around the house I am fed all day by your church’s online sermons. I love the way Scripture is called out as absolute truth and is not compromised. It’s so powerful! Blessings and encouragement to your ministry.”


Gloria and her husband have been married for 11 years. Recently, her husband expressed his concern that she was too argumentative with him. She wanted to share the concern with a female friend but felt the Lord asking her to wait. While she waited, she searched the Internet on being a respectful wife and found Pastor Mark’s Respectful Wife sermon. She said, “the sermon blessed my soul. What affected me most was the reminder that I am my husband’s helper. The very thought of my role gives me a better attitude toward my husband. May God bless you richly.”


Alexander is an American serving in the Air Force in Aviano, Italy. He emailed us to say, “I just want to thank you for staying faithful to the call of God on your lives. Thank you so much for posting your podcasts online. It’s hard to find really good, true-to-the-word churches over here. But your podcasts feed the teaching I so desperately need. Pastor Mark’s sermons of creativity and authenticity really allow me to be stoked on sharing sermons to non-Christians and Christians alike.”


Martin has been listening to podcasts of Pastor Mark. He says, “Please don’t ever stop what you’re doing. Your messages mean the world to me. Many of my friends are now also listening to you. My prayer is that God would give you the courage, strength, and wisdom to keep going and not stop. Thank you again for your honesty and practical messages. It will change hearts and turn people to Christ. From a loving and very appreciative brother in Christ.”

Thank you all for sharing your stories! We love hearing how Jesus changes lives. If you also want to share your story with us or read more stories, head over to our stories page here.

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