Praying For Birhanu: A Story From Ethiopia, Part 1

by | January 18, 2013 | Mars Hill Global, Timeline

Mars Hill Church is supporting church planters across the world. Over the next few weeks on the site, we wanted to dive into the stories and prayers of some of the pastors we are supporting in Ethiopia. Be on the lookout next week for a new story.


Birhanu is a church planter in the Bench Maji region of western Ethiopia to the Surma tribe, well known for the large lip plugs worn by the women. Birhanu and his wife have been called by Christ to bring the good news of his gospel to lost souls because, as he says, “They have no good news.” Birhanu asks for prayer for three things, and Pastor Sutton closes by praying for Birhanu, an emotional moment for him.


  1. Pray against false teachings, especially polygamy
  2. Pray for the commitment and protection of leaders
  3. Pray for more church planters to come serve the region

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