Online Petition Formed, “Mars Hill Church, Tell Us How Much “Global Fund” Money Was Spent On “International” Outreach.”


In July 2014, questions were raised expressing a desire to understand where the funds given to the ‘Global Fund’ had been spent and whether or not all of this was designated to be spent exclusively in international work. An online petition was started in July by a former member who left the church in 2007, and garnered 507 supporters before it was closed.

When the petition started we noted and tracked each person/signature in order to check our records for those who had actually made donations so that we could follow up with those who felt misled.

Of the 507 people who signed the petition, the majority of them had never donated to Mars Hill Church and only 8 had ever given any amount to the ‘Global Fund.’

We met with the Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability who concurred with our accounting treatment but also agreed with our plan to reach out to donors who had previously given to the Global Fund. This included an explanation of the fund and an offer to make a gift equivalent to their past donations to international church planting efforts out of our 2015 fiscal year operating budget if they felt they were misled.

We mailed 6,000 letters and sent 3,765 emails to everyone who had given to the ‘Global Fund’. We received 33 total responses; 7 people let us know that there was no need to change their gifts, and 26 indicated that they would like their previous gifts applied to ministry work in Ethiopia and India. We were happy to make these changes, totaling $39,399.

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