From Murderer To Church Planter: A Story From India

by | November 17, 2012 | Mars Hill Global, Timeline


In this clip, Pastor Arjuna tells the story of Prasad to Pastor Sutton. One day, he got in a fight with another man and killed him, and he was taken to jail. While he saw there, someone preached the gospel to the prisoners, and Prasad gave his life to Jesus. When he got out of jail, God called him to start planting churches. And that’s what he’s been doing since. Today, he’s planted two churches in the Guntur District, both in villages where had never before been a Christian church.

Pastor Arjuna is the president of Vision Nationals, a church-planting ministry in Southeast Asia. Mars Hill Church supports all of the church plants in the Khammam and Guntur districts, about 25 in total, in the state of Andhra Pradesh on India’s southeastern coast.

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