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In January, Mars Hill Church set out on a mission to change the lives of 500 children in Ethiopia. Within the last month, 532 people from Mars Hill have started the process of sponsorship, and nearly 300 have officially sponsored a child.

We’re calling on everybody from the extended family of Mars Hill Global to members, guests, and visitors at our brick and mortar churches to make as wide an impact on Ethiopia as possible.

Sponsorship is a long-term commitment that provides children around the world with the skills and opportunities to escape a life of poverty. By partnering with Compassion International, sponsors from Mars Hill will be able to provide children with food, clean water, medical care, education, and the opportunity to learn about Jesus. Becoming a sponsor means giving $38 per month to provide these necessities for your sponsored child. You’ll receive periodic updates and have the chance to exchange letters with him or her. These letters are an incredibly powerful tool, allowing you to invest in the life of a child halfway around the world.

Mars Hill Church began supporting church planters in Ethiopia in the spring of 2012. The idea of sponsoring children in Ethiopia falls directly in line with the mission of making Jesus known throughout the nations.

Compassion International was founded in 1952 and began working in Ethiopia in 1993. According to Compassion’s website, the average Ethiopian is one of the poorest people in the world, living on roughly $1 per day. Literacy in the country is low; less than half of the population has the ability to read. More than 800,000 children have been orphaned by AIDS while even more—up to an estimated 4.5 million—are missing at least one parent. Compassion focuses on children individually, equipping and empowering them to escape the cycle of poverty.

For the next two months, every member of the extended family of Mars Hill Global will have the opportunity to join with attendees at Mars Hill to sponsor a child. If you’re attending a Mars Hill church, check out the sponsorship table in the lobby before or after the service. If you’re a Global member, log on to the Mars Hill website and pray about what God would have you do.

The goal is to see the people of Mars Hill and Mars Hill Global sponsor as many children as possible from Ethiopia, introducing them to Jesus and freeing them from the hopeless grip of poverty.

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Sponsor a child in Ethiopia

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