This Man Has Planted 500 Churches: A Story From India

by | October 17, 2012 | Mars Hill Global, Timeline


Pastor Arjuna tells Pastor Sutton his story of how he came to know Jesus personally. Arjuna was raised in the Hindu religion and first saw Jesus as one of many gods. Then he witnessed a miraculous healing of his father, who subsequently became a Christian, with his mother soon following. So Arjuna, who was thoroughly versed in the Hindu scriptures, became curious and started to read the Bible, thinking it must also talk of the deities. But the more he read the Bible, the more he realized it was saying something different than he believed. But the more frustrated he became, the more he read, eventually finishing the whole Bible. He kept reading … until one day he literally woke up and knew he needed to share Jesus with the people around him, the people going into the fields to work. And that’s what he’s been doing ever since.

Pastor Arjuna is the president of Vision Nationals, the church-planting organization in Southeast Asia through which Mars Hill Church supports many pastors and church planters. Thank you, Mars Hill, for being a part of God’s work across the world.

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