The Faith Of The Extended Family

by | December 14, 2012 | Mars Hill Global, Timeline


This is the third of four stories we will be releasing over the course of He Made Us Family, our 2012 God’s Work, Our Witness Christmas series. Watch the first or second one and join us this Sunday at your nearest Mars Hill church.

For every person who attends a service in a given weekend at Mars Hill Church, 20 more people are listening to a sermon around the country and throughout the world. The Turners were part of this extended church family, tuning in every week from the Middle East. Today,Pastor Sutton oversees the operations of Mars Hill. In this video, a handful of Ethiopian pastors tell the story of being imprisoned during the Communist rule of the country—only to be freed and eventually turn the former prison into a church and their place of worship. All of these brothers and sisters throughout the world who believe in Jesus Christ are part of this extended church family.

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