The Vision of Mars Hill Global #TBT

by | April 23, 2015 | #tbt, Ethiopia, Executive Pastor


My very first video from Ethiopia was run 21 straight weeks in front of the podcast from December 2012 to May 2013.

In this video I say:

“Howdy, Mars Hill Church and the Extended Family of Mars Hill Global, I am Pastor Sutton Turner here in Dilla, Ethiopia, I wanted to take a moment and explain what the Extended Family of Mars Hill Global is. I was a podcaster when I was living in the Middle East. Consuming those podcasts every week, participating really one way from Mars Hill Church, I was a consumer. So what we are doing is setting up the Extended Family of Mars Hill Global and saying come and be a part of what Jesus Christ is doing in and through our church.

So what does Mars Hill Global do?

Well Mars Hill Global is doing and participating in church planting here in Ethiopia and also in India, also we are doing church planting in the United States as well. We are doing all of that. Because at Mars Hill Church we believe (that) Jesus has called us to make disciples and plant churches. So I want to ask you to be a part, I want to ask you to be a part of the Extended Family of Mars Hill Global. Sign up today, become a member of the extended family, start participating with online with us, and let’s see what Jesus Christ is going to do do, not only in the United States but to the ends of the earth.”

In regards to Global, I will be discussing “My Heart, My Mistakes, and My Critics” in the coming days.