Our Amazing God: Mesfin’s Story

by | September 8, 2015 | Ethiopia

I’m not usually a crier but there are certainly times that the my heart is unmistakably touched and irresistibly moved. This video is one of those times.

You will be introduced to Mesfin in this video. You will hear his story of God’s intervention and grace in his life. It really tore me up because my son’s name is Mesfin. I couldn’t help the tears once we were off camera because it is so powerful to hear about and see Jesus healing people. This is another example of how God was showing me his love for his sons and daughters on this particular trip to Ethiopia.

Let me encourage you today: our God is still healer. Ask him today to remind you of this even in the midst of your emotional, spiritual, physical, mental brokenness.

— Sutton Turner