Meet Pastor Belay from Ethiopia

by | May 26, 2015 | Ethiopia

Meet Pastor Belay Mengesha. He and his family serve a local church in a very difficult region of Ethiopia close to the border of Sudan. During the last few years, many refugees have fled to Ethiopia from Sudan, so this region is “ripe” with opportunities for evangelism along with other unreached areas that still exist in Ethiopia.

Pastor Belay has asked us to pray the following prayer. Over the next couple of weeks, please join me in keeping him and others like him in our prayers:

Please pray for my church community here in Ethiopia, the Muslims, and the Coptic churches. Our opposition doesn’t want us to proclaim the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ. Pray that no lesser power would prohibit the power of the Lord and that many people would be saved by the Lord through our proclamation! Pray that we would let the Holy Spirit work mightily through our lives and that those people who come to know him may grow richly in him.

New Covenant Foundation supports Pastor Belay in western Ethiopia. NCF is currently raising money for Pastor Edae in Arsi, Ethiopia, to obtain and keep land where they will build their church building. Please continue to join me in prayer for Pastor Edae’s critical situation, and also pray that we might be able to raise $9500 by May 30th—this Saturday—to purchase and keep the gathering place for 120 believers. Click here to give now! Time is running out…