Critical Need: Church Planting in Ethiopia – You Can Help!

by | May 21, 2015 | Ethiopia


If you have followed my ministry in even the slightest way, you know that the Lord has given me a deep heart for Ethiopia. In the interest of keeping this post short, sweet, and laser-focused, I would ask that you see other posts that I’ve written explaining the why of this passion. Because I want to tell you about how you can get involved with a pressing need across the world NOW.

This week I received news that a church planter in Ethiopia will lose the land intended for his church building. Here is the critical news from New Covenant Foundation:

Pastor Edae was called to plant a church in a very Islamic area in Arsi, Ethiopia. He had no idea how fast God would make it grow! Now there are over 120 people attending on a regular basis and they do not have a proper building to worship in–especially in the rain season!

They began a campaign to secure land and funding for the building. They raised over $2,500 and received approval for the land! Unfortunately, the approval for the land came with a terrible “catch”!

If we can’t pay the government $9,500 by May 30th [only 10 days from now], the government will take the land and give it to someone else!

You can help!

The Crowdrise campaign is up and running and NCF is eager to inform Pastor Edae that the Lord has fully provided through his generous and faithful people. The need is critical and the urgency of your gift is paramount. Please pray about what the Lord would have you give to this kingdom cause. Go here to give now!