Pastoral Lessons from Mars Hill Church E3: Lessons on Church Growth

By Sutton Turner — Chief Operating Officer of Vanderbloemen

Join Ryan Williams, Dave Bruskas, and Sutton Turner as they reflect on their time at Mars Hill Church in Seattle and share lessons they have learned that can serve other pastors and ministry leaders.

“Healthy things Grow” is a saying that I repeated at Mars Hill, but our leadership was NOT healthy. Similar to the previous podcasts, there were two levels at Mars Hill Chruch. One for the congregation and members, and another for leadership. Many former members miss the health, transparency, and trust of their Mars Hill community as well as the practice of repentance through Redemption Groups. However, none of these things existed at the highest level of leadership at Mars Hill Church.

As a high-level leader of your church, you need to ask yourself this question. “Are you USING people or are you LOVING people?” At Mars Hill, is was a common practice of using the very highest capacity leaders.

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