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Jesus has empowered lead pastors, executive pastors and church boards to grow the local church. As your church becomes more complex, Sutton desires to work alongside you and help your leadership shepherd well.


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Abu Dhabi, UAE
Founding Chief Executive Officer

Mars Hill Church
Seattle, Washington
Executive Pastor & Board Member

Doha, Qatar
Chief Executive Officer

Austin, Texas
Managing Partner & Principal

Houston, Texas
Chief Operating Officer

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A Helpful Guide to Cultural Unity (Leadership Culture Part 3)

A Helpful Guide to Cultural Unity (Leadership Culture Part 3)

Leadership Culture Part 3 (see part 1, part 2) A theology of forgiveness and repentance is put to the test when we have been sinned against. (Prior posts in this series covered the biblical definitions of forgiveness and repentance as well as lessons for their...

Repentance & Forgiveness of the Leader (Leadership Culture Part 1)

Repentance & Forgiveness of the Leader (Leadership Culture Part 1)

Leadership Culture Part 1 (see part 2) As I look back at my experience at Mars Hill, one of my largest areas of personal sanctification and theological growth occurred in the area of repentance and forgiveness, especially in my role as a high-level church leader. I am...

Sutton Turner

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Sutton has almost 30 years of executive leadership and management experience across both international and domestic industries. He has led organizations in Real Estate Investment, Property & Facilities Management, Construction, Asset Management and Brokerage Industries.

Helping You, Help Your Organization