Sutton Turner is one of the most gifted leaders I have worked with and might be the person you need to take your business or organization to the next level of profitability and success. He has overseen multimillion dollar budgets and was instrumental in bringing the organization we worked together in to a place of financial health and productivity. He has proven successful in casting vision and developing strategies to bring that vision into reality. Sutton's track record speaks for itself in his starting and developing businesses into multimillion dollar success stories. Sutton's talent is seen most clearly in the oversight of departments and leaders. He knows how to give guidance and influence while relying on the talent of the people he hires. His ability to recruit high level talent for the present while making sure the talents and skills of these people fit the future needs of the company is testament to his visionary abilities. If you are a business or organization on the rise and need a leader to help you break through your current ceiling to take you to new heights of success and achievement, I could not recommend to you high enough or encourage you any more strongly to see if Sutton Turner might be the person to lead your charge.

Seth Winterhalter, Lead Pastor, Mars Hill Olympia (now Harbor Church)