Sutton Turner is a dynamic leader and an inspiring mentor. He always believed in developing leaders. To communicate and inculcate this belief in the employees, he conducted weekly leadership sessions. These leadership sessions played a major role not only in the professional development of employees but also in the massive growth of the company. He created sense of loyalty and passion in the employees and inspired employees to go the extra mile. He infused vision, values and motivation in the employees through his actions, his communications and continuous interest in the professional growth of the employees. As a CEO, he provided every single opportunity to the employees to take ownership of their work and develop themselves in the area of their interests. As a direct report to Sutton, I have learnt a lot from him. He played a great role in my professional and career development. I will always admire him and remember him as a true leader, motivator and thinker.

Saima Somani, Senior Supervisor - Marketing, Khidmah