Sutton is one of the most talented and gifted leader I have ever had the pleasure and honor to work with. From the get go and the founding of KHIDMAH LLC, Sutton new what did it take to build a company and an organization and led it to success. He set the goals and the vision of the company, and with his great and exceptional leadership skills inspired and united everyone to achieve these goals. Sutton is one of a few, great mentor, inspiring motivator and dynamic leader who believe in developing leaders to success. Mr. John Sutton Turner is a school of knowledge that will not be only an added value to any organization but yet an essential asset.

Mohammed Tabbah, Khidmah

I worked with Sutton in Qatar on strategic communications and marketing in the area of real estate and facilities management. He demonstrated to me a deep understanding of his field, and a track record of innovation and achievement which is very hard to find in Qatar, or the Gulf region for that matter. He has an engaging manner and a professional approach which supports effective collaboration and also gives a positive and favourable impression of the company he represents. He has a clear understanding of strategic communications and the role it plays within a company's business plan.

Steve Martin, Acting Director of Group Communications, Barwa Real Estate

Mr. Turner is a wealth of knowledge, always has a smile and knows how to make people work hard. He values his employees, and teaches them about life, work, family and how to balance it all together. I had the honor to work under him, and after 17 years of experience in sales; I learned something new and constructive from him every week in our leadership meetings. Every word you hear will stay with you through the rest of your life, you can not ask for a better teacher, mentor, or friend. If Mr. Turner called me I would not hesitate to move where he is. His teaching helps you go to a higher level in business and life. I am a better man because I have known him. Mr. Turner is a true leader that changes people's lives.

Mohamad Itani, Sales leasing manager, Barwa / Waseef real estate

I have the distinct pleasure of working with Sutton Turner, for the second time in my professional career. I firstly worked with Sutton during his time as CEO of Khidmah LLC, in the UAE. One of my primary reasons behind joining the company was that I felt that the vision, leadership style and personality that Sutton portrayed, during my interview, was like a breath of fresh air. His ability to empower and motivate individuals, regardless of their position and role within the company is inspirational. His passion and drive to achieve the best of any situation or environment is infectious. When the opportunity arose for me to join him in his new venture, in Qatar, I immediately jumped at the chance to once again be able to share in his professional vision for the development of First Class Property & Facilities Management in the GCC. I subsequently joined him knowing with full confidence that wherever his professional path led him, any company who has the honor of being associated with him will rise to "A Hole Nutha Level"

Corey Martin, HR & Administration Manager, Khidmah

Over the last year, i've worked with the most effective and dynamic leader i've met in my life " Sutton Turner". Since he started his journey with Waseef, everyone was committed to professionalism, addiction to work and excellency. It's within Sutton that i owe the begining of my professional career, cause it's from him that i've learned how to lead down, lead accross and best of all, how to lead up as "Nothing will make a greater impression on those above you than your ability to lead yourself" he said. Sutton is strongly a 360 degree leader, who will definitely be an added value to your organization, with his ability, professional background and expertise, his intuition, and most of all his good influence around people. i will always admire him as a real leader, and will have the pleasure to work with him again and again.

Carla Mounayar, Marketing Supervisor, Waseef

Sutton is a gifted, passionate, and bold leader. He has a unique ability to inspire and equip leaders and teams to achieve remarkable results. He is loyal, motivated, and determined to achieve the vision, with courage that is matched with integrity, loyalty, and honor. Any organization would be well-served by Sutton’s expertise and experience. And having reported directly to Sutton, I can say from firsthand experience that any employee would be developed, challenged, and grown by their experience serving under his leadership.

Jason Skelton, Executive Pastor of Ministries, Mars Hill Church

I have had the privilege of working for Sutton both in the U.S. and in the U.A.E. He is one of the most dynamic leaders I have ever met. He is positive, focused and is able to see both the big picture and the fine details. His level of integrity is second to none, and he truly cares about all stakeholders in the business - employees, customers, and clients. Sutton's strength of character, vision, and dedication inspire confidence and pride in others. He truly a leads by example.

Shelley Jenkins, Director, Property Management, Khidmah

Sutton Turner is a dynamic leader and an inspiring mentor. He always believed in developing leaders. To communicate and inculcate this belief in the employees, he conducted weekly leadership sessions. These leadership sessions played a major role not only in the professional development of employees but also in the massive growth of the company. He created sense of loyalty and passion in the employees and inspired employees to go the extra mile. He infused vision, values and motivation in the employees through his actions, his communications and continuous interest in the professional growth of the employees. As a CEO, he provided every single opportunity to the employees to take ownership of their work and develop themselves in the area of their interests. As a direct report to Sutton, I have learnt a lot from him. He played a great role in my professional and career development. I will always admire him and remember him as a true leader, motivator and thinker.

Saima Somani, Senior Supervisor - Marketing, Khidmah

I reported directly to Sutton for about three years. During this time, Sutton lead us through the most difficult situations I have encountered in my professional career. Sutton was a consummate professional through thick and thin and maintained an unwavering ability to make decisions in the heat of the battle. To me, Sutton was more than a dependable boss, he became a business mentor to me and a dear friend to my family. He will be a pivotal asset to any organization, and a blessing to their staff.

Caleb Walters, Chief Operating Officier, Mars Hill Church

In the two years that I had provided administrative support to the Executive Office in Waseef, Sutton's tenure as Chief Executive marked the highest level of progress and productivity in the areas of business development and operational systems. He not only excelled in his role and produced high volume of work while maintaining high standards for quality and accuracy; he spearheaded a revolutionary practice of leadership that aimed to equip all level of employees to attain knowledge, attitudes and skills to empower their personal and professional development. Sutton possesses a "can do" attitude towards work that spreads as a positive driving influence in the office. His down to earth, open and engaging personal style enables him to interact effectively with clients and staff. He takes initiative to go beyond the comfort zones of his role in order to attain varied improved solutions to repetetive problems. I volunteered to write this recommendation for Sutton because I am very grateful for his contributions, not only to Waseef but also to my professional maturity, and am very confident that his intelligence, professional attitude and work ethics would to add value to any organization should be lucky enough to consider having him in their team.

Camille Britanico-Amat, Executive Secretary to CEO, Waseef

I wholeheartedly give Sutton Turner the highest recommendation possible. Sutton and I worked together in the non-profit world where his business expertise truly turned that organization around. When Sutton came in April 2011, the organization was in severe financial crisis—at risk of shutting its doors within a matter of months. The financial habit for years was spending on credit throughout the entire year and depending on the huge financial EOY gifts by supporters and donors. Sutton was brought in and made several immediate and difficult changes that needed to be made, at the expense of his popularity rating. This is one of the most valuable of Sutton’s qualities: his ability to do the best (and right) thing for the good of the whole regardless of public opinion. He’s sees the forest through the trees, unlike most others. In less than three years at the helm (April 2011–Jan. 2014), Sutton led the organization from a place of financial desperation to the healthiest place in its almost two decades of existence. Another one of Sutton’s fiscal successes was within one year he doubled the FYE gifts/funds from the donor base (June 2013 vs. June 2014). This is just one example of his acute business sense: seeing the possibility for growth, putting the right team together, and pursuing the end goal. Sutton is one of the most skilled leaders I have ever had the privilege of working with. He is a humble, but driven man who knows his strengths and his weaknesses. This is so important because he is very good at surrounding himself with people who support him well. He never allows ego to get in the way of his or the organization’s success. I was Sutton’s Account Manager, thus making him my “client” because he would funnel requests through me which I would then see through to completion amidst the other teams (i.e. video, design, finance, etc.). Sutton always had a clear idea of what he wanted but he also knew that others had valuable input and subject matter expert suggestions. I will always appreciate how empowering Sutton was to everyone around him, especially as the CEO. Sutton has a unique way of connecting with his staff. His communication style is motivating, clear, strong, and sincere. He has a desire to make sure that his team is solid, informed, and unified. Again, I could not more highly recommend Sutton Turner. His last day was a sad one for me—I know his first day at your company would be one of the best decisions you could make.

Courtney Cherest, Executive Content Editor, Mars Hill Church

Sutton is an incredibly gifted executive leader who understands how to build successful organizations. He is particularly gifted in the areas of business development, strategic planning, real estate, and operations management. Sutton is a well-respected business leader, who inspires his people to achieve results that consistently exceed expectations. I am a better man and professional because of the time I worked with him. He is a tremendous asset, whom I strongly recommend.

Dante Miró, Sr. Manager of Marketing, Mars Hill Church

John Sutton Turner is a focused and determined executive that has served our organization well for the last three years. He is a strategic thinker who understands the big picture, and has proven himself to be firm in making difficult decisions for the benefit of the organization. He turned our organization around from a place of financial duress when he first joined, to bring it to a place of financial robustness and expansion to 15 different locations in multiple states in three years' time. He is an expert financial and operational executive, adept at providing projections and analysis necessary for rapid growth. John is also skilled in building a team and infrastructure necessary to support a growing organization, and in finding the right people for the right roles and overseeing their work. He built strong teams in human resources, IT, media and communications, and creative departments, all the while overseeing property development in multiple locations as our organization expanded to15 locations. John's capacity to effectively lead an organization through challenges to strengthen it and chart a clear course for success, would be an asset to any organization that desires growth and expansion under strong direction. I recommend John for your consideration without any reservation. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.

Sutton is one if the most Organized, Driven, and Influential leaders I have ever worked for. He is a gifted leader and his management skills are inspirational. Sutton understands what it means to lead leaders. Not only does he do a great job in providing direction for an entire organization, but leaders desire to follow him. I believe that Sutton's success lies in his ability to lead when things are smooth sailing and when there are storms. His wide variety of skills and expertise is a great recipe to lead any company or organization.

Jason Rogers, MA, Sr. Manager of HR, Mars Hill Church

John Sutton Turner is an exceptionally gifted leader. I had the pleasure of working downstream from Sutton at a non-profit. When he arrived the organization was in the midst of crippling financial crisis that threatened the existence of the institution. Immediately, Sutton began making the difficult moves needed to ensure long term financial viability. Within a short period of time not only had the crisis been avoided but the organization received the highest financial accreditation in the industry. Additionally, under his leadership assets and total revenue grew year over year while liabilities and expenses decreased even as other similar organizations continued to suffer the effects of the economic downturn. Another of Sutton’s skills is defining systems, measuring processes, analyzing available data and using that to improve processes and control the future of the system providing for long term success. It was the implementation of these principles that saved our organization and brought us back from the brink of disaster. Sutton possesses exemplary managerial and delegation practices that people at all levels of the organization can benefit from. Though my role was downstream from him, he was always approachable, willing to help and took seriously his mentor role that the position automatically bestowed on him. I do not know that there is a man in the business world that I have learned more from than John Sutton Turner. I am still heavily involved in the organization he led and it was a very sad day when he resigned from the board of directors. His presence, leadership and inspiration to all will be greatly missed. It is with full confidence that I recommend him for any senior level executive position. I would be honored to work in any company that he was the CEO of.

Jim Tinsley, Deacon and Volunteer Leader

Sutton is a natural leader with a wealth of experience and expertise. He has exceptional strengths in business development, real estate negotiations, and business planning. I had the privilege to serve directly under his leadership for nearly three years and am thankful for the personal and professional development he invested in me, and the knowledge and wisdom I picked up by observing him. He is a gifted business leader, and a trustworthy, respectable man. Within a short period of time he transformed the operations of our organization, rescuing us from imminent financial turmoil. He provided high impact organizational leadership that we had been lacking for years. Sutton was instrumental in helping us engage in fruitful and impactful relationships and partnerships that have reshaped our priorities and values. I would welcome any opportunity to work with Sutton again, and hope our paths cross again in the future.

Sutton is extremely talented in creating vision, and the strategy to carry out and accomplish vision. He is very experienced in assembling teams, and empowering them with the responsibility and resources to execute on. He is driven, passionate, and in working close with him; a true friend.

Kerry Dodd, CFO, Mars Hill Church

I was employed by Sutton to establish the vision he had and enabled me to perform in a great environment surrounding. He is a great leader and motivator and can get the best out of everyone.

Kristina Kastratovikj, Khadamati Supervisor, Khidmah

I have had the pleasure of working with Sutton Turner over the last year. During that time he has proven to be a focused and driven leader who simply put, gets things done with excellence. He is a leader of leaders and in my experience was easy to follow because of his character and the example he set for those around him. I would highly recommend Sutton Turner, he would be a great asset to any organization.

Marty Mcintire, Executive Deacon, Mars Hill Church Phoenix

I have had the privilege of being associated with Sutton at Waseef. Sutton has a passion for what he does and is tireless in his pursuit of excellence. His leadership qualities and speeches inspire the entire audience. In short it is a pleasure to work with a person of such caliber, quality and due diligence and an inspiration to follow his footstep. He's a great manager and I would work for him again in any instant.

Naganandh Muthulakshmanan, Facilities Manager, Waseef

I worked with as Executive Director providing specialist support to Sutton in his role as CEO for Khidmah Property Sevices Management in Abu Dhabi. At the time Khidmah were a new company formed to provide Facilities & Maintenance Management and leasing for all property types in a large portfolio for major clients such as Sorouh and associated local companies. In his role as CEO Sutton demonstrated strategic vision, leadership and a hands-on approach to help Khidmah successfully establish as a major provider of FM & Leasing services in Abu Dhabi. Sutton is a highly competent professional Executive I'd have no hesitation in recommending.

Richard Hyde, Executive Director, Sorouh Real Estate PJSC

Sutton is one of the most gifted and talented leaders I have ever worked with. I reported directly to him as an Executive Director and then worked closely with him as the Senior Leader at one of our largest sites. Sutton was instrumental in turning our organization around from both a leadership and financial standpoint. His business acumen raised the bar for everyone associated with him. He has the ability to recruit and develop key leaders while holding a clear vision for the future. He will make the difficult decision with the utmost care and consideration for all stakeholders. It has been a great joy and pleasure to know and work with Sutton. He will be a positive and influential addition to any team he leads. He has my highest recommendation.

Sutton Turner is one of the most gifted leaders I have worked with and might be the person you need to take your business or organization to the next level of profitability and success. He has overseen multimillion dollar budgets and was instrumental in bringing the organization we worked together in to a place of financial health and productivity. He has proven successful in casting vision and developing strategies to bring that vision into reality. Sutton's track record speaks for itself in his starting and developing businesses into multimillion dollar success stories. Sutton's talent is seen most clearly in the oversight of departments and leaders. He knows how to give guidance and influence while relying on the talent of the people he hires. His ability to recruit high level talent for the present while making sure the talents and skills of these people fit the future needs of the company is testament to his visionary abilities. If you are a business or organization on the rise and need a leader to help you break through your current ceiling to take you to new heights of success and achievement, I could not recommend to you high enough or encourage you any more strongly to see if Sutton Turner might be the person to lead your charge.

Seth Winterhalter, Lead Pastor, Mars Hill Olympia (now Harbor Church)

I worked with Sutton Turner for about a year and can say he is a detailed oriented, driven leader and overall, just knows how to get things done. Sutton has a wealth of experience dealing with the unique challenges that come from leading and growing a large organization. I believe that his gift set and experience would be beneficial to any organization needing to stabilize, grow, or maintain success.