John Sutton Turner is an exceptionally gifted leader. I had the pleasure of working downstream from Sutton at a non-profit. When he arrived the organization was in the midst of crippling financial crisis that threatened the existence of the institution. Immediately, Sutton began making the difficult moves needed to ensure long term financial viability. Within a short period of time not only had the crisis been avoided but the organization received the highest financial accreditation in the industry. Additionally, under his leadership assets and total revenue grew year over year while liabilities and expenses decreased even as other similar organizations continued to suffer the effects of the economic downturn. Another of Sutton’s skills is defining systems, measuring processes, analyzing available data and using that to improve processes and control the future of the system providing for long term success. It was the implementation of these principles that saved our organization and brought us back from the brink of disaster. Sutton possesses exemplary managerial and delegation practices that people at all levels of the organization can benefit from. Though my role was downstream from him, he was always approachable, willing to help and took seriously his mentor role that the position automatically bestowed on him. I do not know that there is a man in the business world that I have learned more from than John Sutton Turner. I am still heavily involved in the organization he led and it was a very sad day when he resigned from the board of directors. His presence, leadership and inspiration to all will be greatly missed. It is with full confidence that I recommend him for any senior level executive position. I would be honored to work in any company that he was the CEO of.

Jim Tinsley, Deacon and Volunteer Leader