I wholeheartedly give Sutton Turner the highest recommendation possible. Sutton and I worked together in the non-profit world where his business expertise truly turned that organization around. When Sutton came in April 2011, the organization was in severe financial crisis—at risk of shutting its doors within a matter of months. The financial habit for years was spending on credit throughout the entire year and depending on the huge financial EOY gifts by supporters and donors. Sutton was brought in and made several immediate and difficult changes that needed to be made, at the expense of his popularity rating. This is one of the most valuable of Sutton’s qualities: his ability to do the best (and right) thing for the good of the whole regardless of public opinion. He’s sees the forest through the trees, unlike most others. In less than three years at the helm (April 2011–Jan. 2014), Sutton led the organization from a place of financial desperation to the healthiest place in its almost two decades of existence. Another one of Sutton’s fiscal successes was within one year he doubled the FYE gifts/funds from the donor base (June 2013 vs. June 2014). This is just one example of his acute business sense: seeing the possibility for growth, putting the right team together, and pursuing the end goal. Sutton is one of the most skilled leaders I have ever had the privilege of working with. He is a humble, but driven man who knows his strengths and his weaknesses. This is so important because he is very good at surrounding himself with people who support him well. He never allows ego to get in the way of his or the organization’s success. I was Sutton’s Account Manager, thus making him my “client” because he would funnel requests through me which I would then see through to completion amidst the other teams (i.e. video, design, finance, etc.). Sutton always had a clear idea of what he wanted but he also knew that others had valuable input and subject matter expert suggestions. I will always appreciate how empowering Sutton was to everyone around him, especially as the CEO. Sutton has a unique way of connecting with his staff. His communication style is motivating, clear, strong, and sincere. He has a desire to make sure that his team is solid, informed, and unified. Again, I could not more highly recommend Sutton Turner. His last day was a sad one for me—I know his first day at your company would be one of the best decisions you could make.

Courtney Cherest, Executive Content Editor, Mars Hill Church