I have the distinct pleasure of working with Sutton Turner, for the second time in my professional career. I firstly worked with Sutton during his time as CEO of Khidmah LLC, in the UAE. One of my primary reasons behind joining the company was that I felt that the vision, leadership style and personality that Sutton portrayed, during my interview, was like a breath of fresh air. His ability to empower and motivate individuals, regardless of their position and role within the company is inspirational. His passion and drive to achieve the best of any situation or environment is infectious. When the opportunity arose for me to join him in his new venture, in Qatar, I immediately jumped at the chance to once again be able to share in his professional vision for the development of First Class Property & Facilities Management in the GCC. I subsequently joined him knowing with full confidence that wherever his professional path led him, any company who has the honor of being associated with him will rise to "A Hole Nutha Level"

Corey Martin, HR & Administration Manager, Khidmah