Over the last year, i've worked with the most effective and dynamic leader i've met in my life " Sutton Turner". Since he started his journey with Waseef, everyone was committed to professionalism, addiction to work and excellency. It's within Sutton that i owe the begining of my professional career, cause it's from him that i've learned how to lead down, lead accross and best of all, how to lead up as "Nothing will make a greater impression on those above you than your ability to lead yourself" he said. Sutton is strongly a 360 degree leader, who will definitely be an added value to your organization, with his ability, professional background and expertise, his intuition, and most of all his good influence around people. i will always admire him as a real leader, and will have the pleasure to work with him again and again.

Carla Mounayar, Marketing Supervisor, Waseef