In the two years that I had provided administrative support to the Executive Office in Waseef, Sutton's tenure as Chief Executive marked the highest level of progress and productivity in the areas of business development and operational systems. He not only excelled in his role and produced high volume of work while maintaining high standards for quality and accuracy; he spearheaded a revolutionary practice of leadership that aimed to equip all level of employees to attain knowledge, attitudes and skills to empower their personal and professional development. Sutton possesses a "can do" attitude towards work that spreads as a positive driving influence in the office. His down to earth, open and engaging personal style enables him to interact effectively with clients and staff. He takes initiative to go beyond the comfort zones of his role in order to attain varied improved solutions to repetetive problems. I volunteered to write this recommendation for Sutton because I am very grateful for his contributions, not only to Waseef but also to my professional maturity, and am very confident that his intelligence, professional attitude and work ethics would to add value to any organization should be lucky enough to consider having him in their team.

Camille Britanico-Amat, Executive Secretary to CEO, Waseef